By Céline Brault, Community Manager KPN API Store

The API team is happy to announce that the first version of the API Store is live and waiting for you. Our ambition is to offer IT teams a diverse and secured range of products for both consumer and business purposes. Starting with APIs from KPN, Nexmo, and Kandy. As the platform grows, you will be able to find more APIs and partners.

Our first 3 APIs are available in the Marketplace

Dashboard Server: a stable, cost efficient and lightweight solution that allows users to aggregate call center sources and create real-time overviews of activities. Think of agent capacity, queues, and trunks! Check the details here.

Image recognition: improve processes by using image-based models. For example, image recognition makes it easy to classify images through filtering and categorization.

Send SMS: through the KPN architecture you can communicate to end consumers by means of SMSes.  KPN has connections with all carriers in the Netherlands. Thanks to the SMS API, processes and conversions can be fundamentally improved. Think of reducing no-show appointments with reminders, increasing conversion with notifications, and trigger-based alerts.

Your opinion matters!

The portal, the documentation and our support team are made easy to help you integrate APIs to your ecosystem. Take a tour and give us a sign if you need us!

Because we want to make it a success and bring you the building blocks you need, please enter the API Store community, and let us know what you think! 

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