By Céline Brault, Community Manager KPN

For the second year running, Dutch Mobility Hackathon hits the ground running on November 16 and 17th, and we are inviting Netherlands-based developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists, marketers, innovators and businesses to be a part of it!
Organised by the ANWB, NS, Air France-KLM, and HTM, it is the biggest mobility hackathon in the Netherlands ever seen, and we at KPN are very excited to be a part of it with our API Store
The goal of the hackathon is to help travelers—both in the Netherlands and outside—discover how mobile technologies can transform their commute into a meaningful, cost-effective and delightful journey. It is also a hunt for new, cutting-edge solutions in travel and mobility.
Forget about existing travel apps or maps-powered solutions. Think of the potential problems you and every one of us as travelers might face, and come up with solutions that can transform the travel industry as we know it today. 
Face the 24 hour challenge and look for the ways to improve in areas such as the flow of traffic, road safety, affordability, and sustainability, and build your services using modern communication APIs. 

Be inspired and create with KPN API Store

KPN API Store is bringing together twelve of the world’s best communication APIs, both from inside KPN and our partners. The API Store gives you easy access to technologies including voice and recognition, secure messaging, SMS, speech-to-text technologies and more.
We are excited to see what solutions the hackathon teams deliver and especially what they will build using the KPN API Store. We’ll be there, ready to help at any time throughout the event so look out for the KPN team of developers. 
And, of course, if you are participating then don’t forget to share your experience of working with the API Store with us. We’d love to hear your honest feedback and improve the developer experience where we can while we can.
The 24 hour hackathon is free and open to everyone. So, we’ll see you there ready to bring together technology and business to make a better future. 
Join the hackathon by registering for free.