Céline Brault, Community Manager KPN New Business

By Céline Brault, Community Manager KPN New Business

Few years ago we were typing everything, not even thinking about voice technologies. Early technology adopters were considered as rather experimenting than doing a real thing. 

Now we use voice assistants in our devices the way we use keyboards. We ask Siri to dial in while we drive. We tell Google Home to start a timer while we cook. When we want to relax or are bored, we ask Amazon’s Alexa to play music or tell a joke. 

By 2021, Gartner reports, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%.

Voice is everywhere in our daily life, from everyday routine to very narrowed and sometimes life-saving situations. Imagine if you are visually impaired person, and you need to take a bus where stations are not voiced-over, or you don’t understand the language. Simple ride becomes a challenging one. What would you do? Well, many people turn voice over in their mobile maps apps, and listen to bus stops this way. 

Today voice-enabled devices shift our behaviors same way touch screens have influenced our kids, — and the new opportunities arise for creative entrepreneurs and developers who is open to join us for this journey. 

Deliver API enabled programmable telco with VoIP Innovations and KPN 

KPN API Store is growing offering more and more interesting API services to our developers. We try our best to bring APIs in, and today we are happy to announce our partnership with VoIP Innovations, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider. 

We are excited to partner with VoIP Innovations and help them enter the Dutch telecom market the safest and fastest way. We also are very excited that this partnership will help our developers build amazing apps and services with voice technologies, as the result of this partnership allows us to feature Apidaze by VoIP within the KPN API Store. 

“We are excited to partner with KPN to offer programmable telco services across the Netherlands” said David Walsh, CEO of VoIP Innovations. “KPN and VoIP Innovations have already entered into significant enterprise customer discussions on building solutions with our APIs and we can see the potential to help companies and organizations across the EU transform the way they communicate.” 

What is Apidaze’s superpowers?

Apidaze is a platform that allows users to add real-time voice, video, and messaging elements into VoIP,  web and mobile apps. It enables developers to create custom communications solutions by utilizing simple APIs for Voice, and WebRTC. 

The first Apidaze API that KPN brought to market is Apidaze Voice. Apidaze Voice will enable developers to build business and social communication solutions and bring them to the market much quicker and with more innovative voice services for a wide range of applications. 

Apidaze Voice combines inbound telephone numbers in 60 countries with powerful programmable services in languages you prefer (Ruby, PHP, cURL, Node.js, Python, and jQuery are supported). It also supports the addition of real-time voice, video, and messaging capabilities in web and mobile apps. Integration of the Apidaze API makes it easier for users to retrieve contacts, and place calls. 

Getting started

Getting started is easy! No knowledge of complex telephone systems is required, no carrier engagement, no hidden costs. You will be able to operate the service with local numbers available for more than 8000 cities in 80 countries, receive inbound calls to and create IVRs while recording and transcribing in the cloud. 
You can create unique numbers that track campaign responses, measure performance and calculate which marketing initiatives drive your revenue. You can build voice into your company’s mobile app to enable outbound calling for customer service in the field. You just need a web server running and follow simple steps to have Apidaze working. 


Read more about Apidaze and test out with which features you can enrich your applications and services here, in the KNP API Store. 

You can visit Apidaze website here as well.

And let’s make voice cool again with Apidaze and KPN API Store!