By Céline Brault, Community Manager KPN New Business

By Céline Brault, Community Manager KPN New Business

For us here on the KPN API team, APIs are as much about people as they are about data. That’s why we’re always excited to get out and about to meet other people working in the API industry.

And on October 16th and 17th we’ll be doing just that at API Days Amsterdam!

API Days is a global series of events dedicated to furthering understanding of the role of APIs in business. This time round, the theme of the conference is the role of APIs in telecoms. 

We’re keen to meet other attendees, so be sure to look out for the Cubes by KPN team. If you haven’t yet signed up and want to join us at API Days Amsterdam on October 16th and 17th at Hotel Arena in Amsterdam, then friends of the Cubes by KPN API Marketplace can take advantage of our 50% discount on tickets.

Not only are we sponsoring the event but KPN’s API Thought Leader, Anuschka Diderich, will be speaking. More on that below.

What to expect

Over the two days, we’re looking forward to hearing from speakers who will share their experiences of working at the intersection between the API economy and the telecoms industry. Confirmed already are:
●    Tony Jamous: co-founder of telecoms API company Nexmo, now a part of Vonage, Tony will share from his fifteen years of experience of building high growth business in the cloud communication space.
●    Reese Jones: associate founder of the Singularity University, advisor to Facebook and a pioneer in broadband infrastructure.
●    Anuschka Diderich: our own Thought Leader of the API Store will share how KPN is combining the best of the telecoms would with the new API ecosystem, enabling our partners and customers to accelerate the development of new products and services.

There’ll be more than twenty-five speakers in total, bringing expertise from across the telecoms industry.

See you at API Days Amsterdam!